Analysis of the 1st half of 2018

Review of the results of activities of the Internal Affairs Bodies in crime prevention and maintenance of public security in the first half of 2018

Today, the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to maintain its image of a state with the high level of public security and stability in terms of crime prevention and maintenance of public order.
In the result of strengthening preventive activities and continuous monitoring of the criminal situation, positive trends observed in the crime dynamics further improved in the 6-month period.
12,844 (-338 or -2.6% compared to the same period of 2017) acts of crime were registered in the republic during the reporting period by investigative and search activities.
93.8% of them or 12,043 were the offences investigated within the powers of the internal affairs bodies and prosecution agencies. 89.4% of them were the crimes not posing great threat to public safety (3653) and minor offences (7109), and only 10.6% (1281) were grave and especially grave crimes.
Among the registered crimes there were 2466 (+125 factsor 5.3% compared to the first half of 2017) crimes committed against personality, 5643 (-875; -13.4%) crimes committed in the economic sphere, 5542 of them (-905; -14.0%) of them were committed against property, 3578 crimes (+279; +8.5%) committed against public safety and public law and 354 crimes (+43; 13.8%) committed against state authority.

The crime detection rate increased and was 86.4% (+0.7%). Among them grave and especially grave crimes (+2.1%), crimes against personality (+0.6%), among which there are willful homicide crimes (+1.8%), human trafficking crimes (+8.7%) and hooliganism crimes (+4.9%).
In the result of appropriate measures, the detection rate for grave and especially crimes under unknown circumstances raised up to 80.6% (+1.3%).
Among the crimes committed against personality, the number of willful homicides increased by 1.3% (+1; 81-80), hijacking of means of transport increased by 4.9%(+4, 86-82), hooliganism crimes increased by 15% (+60, 459-399), road traffic incidents decreased by 5% (-42, 806-848), the number of road traffic incident victims decreased by 1.3%  (-4; 311-315), and the number of aggrieved persons decreased 8.3% (-69; 763-832).
At the same time, crimes committed in public spaces also increased +21.5% (735-605).
The number of crimes against property also decreased: crimes related to thefts decreased by 276 facts (-7.1%; 3598-3874), fraud decreased by 687 facts (-32,1%; 1453-2140), robbery decreased by 9 facts (-12,7%; 62-71).

Effective measures were also taken in the field of combating drug trafficking as a type of transnational organized crime, and special attention was paid to withdrawing huge amounts of narcotic substances from illegal circulation. In the result, a total of 734.5 kg of narcotic substances were withdrawn within the investigation of 1708 (+100)crimes related to drugs including 525 (+90) facts of drug trafficking that is 131 kg (+21.7%) more than in the same period of the last year, and 75 kg were prevented from smuggling to the territory of the country.
In the result of operational and preventive measures, 18 criminal groups were neutralized, a total of79 tons of wild plants of cannabis and poppy were detected and destroyed.
1009 (86.8%) of 1162 persons brought to trial for this kind of crimes were unemployed and uneducated, 453 (39%) were previously convicted, and 14 (1.2%) were women.

Effective efforts were made in the field of combating trafficking in persons based on the relevant legislative acts and the National Action Plan. In the reporting period,105 crimes were detected, and 8 (+4) criminal groups consisting of 18 (+10) persons were neutralized. 17(+2) persons were brought to trial in the criminal cases opened based on these facts and 66 (+13) victims of trafficking were reintegrated into the society.
In the result of taken measures, the internal affairs bodies solved 188 crimes which remained unsolved since previous years including 23 grave and especially grave crimes.
The work on provision of unavoidability of punishment for crime was also in the focus of attention, 1864 (+257)accused persons who evaded justice were arrested including 296 (-50) persons accused for grave and especially grave crimes.

The location of 52 (+1) persons on the wanted list of the Interpol's National Central Bureau and 29 (-1) persons wanted in the member-states of this organization was identified. In whole, the results of investigative and search efforts were 57.4% (increased by 2%).
In the result of the organized crime prevention measures and special operations, 441 (-95)organized criminal groups including 47 (-91) criminal groups involved in grave and especially grave crimes were neutralized. 82 (-21) persons were brought to trial for illegal keeping and wearing of fire arms.
In the result of consistent measures taken to ensure unavoidability of punishment for offence, 6515persons were brought to trial for various crimes including 684 persons for grave and especially grave crimes.

                              Main Operational and Statistical Information Department