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Interview of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic, General - Colonel Ramil Usubov to the newspaper of «Azerbaijan»

22.10.2004 01:04

Within the last year the existing political stability in Azerbaijan even more has become stronger, criminal situation was completely supervised, the task of safety of the state and people has left from a number of problems. The restoration and preservation of stability in Azerbaijan which is taking place in a sensitive zone, in opinion of networks engaged transnational in crimes, International terrorism, smuggling of drugs and weapon, trade in the people, illegal migration and other kinds of the organized criminality, demands grandiose self-sacrifice and efforts. It is doubtless, that only obvious result of unprecedented organizational activity and administrative talent of the national leader Heydar Aliyev. At successful realization of this mission one of the devoted and active organizers of the immortal chief were the law-enforcement bodies.

Our interlocutor - minister of internal businesses of the Azerbaijan Republic, General - colonel Ramil Usubov connects the successes, achieved in this sphere, within last year to resolute activity of the President Ilham Aliyev and worthy continuation of a state political rate of the great chief Heydar Aliyev.

- Mister minister, would like to begin interview from a traditional question: what public condition, criminal situation today in the country?

- After returning in 1993 of the national leader Heydar Aliyev to authority as a result of the persevering requirement of the people provided to our country and people the disposal, undoubtedly, has introduced radical positive changes in political criminal situation. Under the direction of this eternal leader law-enforcement bodies order successfully activity against the organized criminality that has captured the country, harmful aspirations inducing threat for stability, illegal armed formations. Direct result of it became that of Azerbaijan the man of the population, and from the point of ideal and reliable maintenance of stability not only on space of CIS, but also on region of East Europe has by the best parameter on small number of crimes on everyone hundred thousand. Wide scale of the acquired successes of businesses necessary once again to recollect those efforts, which were rendered in a direction of their achievement. We should take into account that, now of Azerbaijan, were ahead on positive statistical parameters connected with criminal by a condition of Azerbaijan, was only 10 years back in an opposite channel - we occupied the first places on number of the perfect crimes and them not reveal, not to a safety of the citizens, even under the tendencies of participation in heavy crimes of employees of law-enforcement bodies. There is a concrete author of transition from fall to disposal and these positive changes.

Are we obliged only to immortal leader Heydar Aliyev? The eternal chief in 1993 very fairly marked, that without creation of political stability, in the country of prevention of criminality it is not possible to achieve a victory in war, to not reach successes in social-economic sphere. As a result of huge efforts of Mister Heydar Aliyev, his intense work, concrete and decisive steps the negative tendencies were liquidated also, approximately in two years it was possible to ensure the complete control above criminal with situation in Azerbaijan. That fact is significant, that our leader who was not stopped on organization of successful joint activity of law-enforcement bodies in this direction, could mobilize force of the people, his potential on achievement of stability. And it, undoubtedly, follows from not of explosive communication "Heydar Aliyev -nation ", victorial spirit of this eternal unity.

During the past period, the set of the decisions in a direction of strengthening of struggle with criminality was accepted. The Decree of President of the Azerbaijan Republic dated August 9, 1994     " About measures of strengthening of struggle with criminality, amplification of legality and law order ", simultaneously acceptance in view of opinions of the appropriate international structures, European experts the new Juridical-remedial Code, the laws " About police ", " About operative - search activity ", basic rule. " About passage of a service in law-enforcement bodies ", have created accomplished, perfected legislative base, and their successful realization plays a role legal guarantee for achievement of the specified successes.

Now life, health, right and freedom, the lawful interests and property of the Azerbaijan citizen and any man, living in our country, are reliable are protected from illegal actions. The people with the great consent welcome and constantly support activity on preservation of stability in our country.

We, law-enforcement bodies, even more shall strengthen activity for successful continuation of a rate Heydar Aliyev, created guarantee to this; we shall execute irrevocably and after that the obligations, determined in the legislation.             

- The state care of law-enforcement bodies is intended for last years with the purpose of strengthening social protection of personal structure of this structure the accepted decisions; the significant quantity of the employees is awarded with the various premiums. How all this was met in law-enforcement bodies?

- Our immortal head Heydar Aliyev always gave a high estimation of activity of law-enforcement bodies undertook concrete steps for improvement social defense of personal structure. Even during hot events - April 29, 1994 at meeting with participation of the executives MIA the President Heydar Aliyev has emphasized, that «we should ensure social protection of each employee of МIA. These employees first of all should adequately carry out the duties, and in the second turn, their interest " should be protected. As it is visible, even during the decision of destiny of the country Heydar Aliyev cared of a social status of the employees of law-enforcement bodies and spoke, that the necessary measures for their best residing will be carried out. In the next years in this direction our national leader really has made the large successes and has proved trusteeship above the citizens, including concrete decisions on employees of law-enforcement bodies. The decree of the president Heydar Aliyev from March 11, 1996 official and rank of the salary in system MIA increases in 1,2 times, under the order from July 25, 1997 the official salaries of the certain category of the workers - in 1,5 times, under the order from May 30, 1998 of the salary of the military men of Internal Armies - in 3, 5 times, under the order from May 17, 2000 rank of the salary of the employees of law-enforcement bodies - in 2 times, salary of the ordinaries of younger administrative structure - in 1,5 times, under the order from June 30, 2003 monthly and official and rank of the salary of the employees of law-enforcement bodies and civil workers - are increased in 1,5 times. Besides, the eternal leader Heydar Aliyev signed some times order about rewarding by the high state awards of the country of the workers MIA.

Adequately praises that it care and the careful policy proceeds by the most worthy successor of the great leader, President by Mister Ilham Aliyev. Along with a high estimation of activity of internal businesses of Azerbaijan, chief of state has accepted a number of the significant decisions with the purpose of improvement of social protection of the workers in this system. Even on June 30, 2004 on the eve of our professional holiday the head of the country has ratified the State Program on improvement of activity of bodies of police, has signed 4 orders and 2 decrees in connection with increase of official payment, delivery of maximum special grades to the officers, rewarding of the employees by the state awards. In this line the special importance is given a State Program. In the document the decision of such important tasks, as periodic increase of the salary of the employees of law-enforcement bodies, improvement their housing and operating conditions, expansion of information work about a role of police in a democratic society, strengthening of material base and constant modernization is provided. 

The personal structure with deep gratitude has met this high estimation given our activity by mister by the President. A common conclusion: the answer to this high attitude of the President Ilham Aliyev - realization of the obligations, assigned by the legislation, with the even greater diligence and responsibility, worthy performance of the professional debt and eternal fidelity to ideals of  Heydar Aliyev.

- Last years the international communications of МIA have extended considerably. The ministry, which you head, alongside with close cooperation with various international organizations differs by struggle with transnational by the organized criminality. Whether is it possible to consider a situation in this sphere satisfactory?

- In MIA, the international relations are accepted as one of priority spheres of activity. By one of the most important requirements of process, going in the world, globalization and sure integration of Azerbaijan the World Community is expansion and development of the relations of cooperation with the appropriate bodies of the foreign states, and also international organizations.             

Simultaneously, the struggle with crimes which got large scales, including international terrorism, smuggling of drugs and weapon, trade in the people, illegal migration and other kinds of transnational crimes can conduct successfully as a result of joint activity with law-enforcement bodies of the countries which have undergone to these troubles.

The national leader Heydar Aliyev considers erroneous to conduct struggle against these crimes in the isolated form and recommended us as the most correct way organization of our activity at the international level by joint efforts. With the purpose of study of the international experience in struggle with criminality, application of progressive work, forms and methods in our practical activity, establishment of communication in a channel of performance of the obligations under the conventions, which Azerbaijan has joined in structure MIA the Management on the International Cooperation was created. We give the large importance to an information exchange at the international level. Especially the general work is positively influenced by delivery in the operative order given about especially dangerous criminals and crime groupings.

Now we have close relations of cooperation with the members of CIS - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other states.

As a result of it only for the last year, it is revealed and more than 400 men made crime in Azerbaijan and disappearing in these countries are detained, and then extradition was executed. Besides, we constantly expand the relations of cooperation with law-enforcement bodies of Turkey, USA, Austria, France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Iran, China, Pakistan and other states. With participation of highly specialized professionals of these countries the trainings, seminars, forums will be carried out; the rates with these states for increase of professional training and its conformity to the modern requirements are organized.

In the international relations, the special place is given to an exchange of the students. Today more than 90 employees of law-enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan get education in Police Academies of Russia and Ukraine and more than 100 employees, having finished education in Turkey, continues a sacred service in Azerbaijan. I shall note one more moment, that in formation of Internal Troops of Azerbaijan, increase of their professional and battle readiness, there was a large and invaluable merit of Gendarme Command of Turkey. With their help, the construction became possible according to the modern requirements of the preparatory centre "Gala" of Internal Troops and organization there of educational process on a high level.

One of these days at session of ministerial Council of Internal Affairs of the countries - members of CIS spent in Kiev, such were discussed  important questions, as expansion of communications mobilization of forces against the international terrorism considered series transnational organized crime, distribution of the most advanced practice in this sphere, the appropriate decisions are accepted.

- Mister Minister, at what level today professional training, performance of the service duty by the employees in MIA and what results of the carried out structural reforms, personnel rearrangements?

- It is possible unequivocally to tell, that the active struggle with criminality, preservation under the control of operative conditions and successful sanction of other tasks depends basically, on professional training of personal structure. For realization of the requirements on the part of a management of the country and law-enforcement bodies the appropriate measures are accepted. This problem always was under the control Heydar Aliyev, the concrete works for increase of professional training and intellectual level were carried out.      

Let's remind the fact that this process did not begin only since 1993. Still at 70-80 years of the last century the national leader Heydar Aliyev with the large foresight has created school named after Jamshid Nakhichevanski, simultaneously from his initiative each year of hundred young, having received education in the various maximum and average specialized institutions the talented staff was generated as high ranked.

And within independence, paying the special attention to formation of professional personnel structure the eternal leader has increased the care of organization of business in this sphere even more. For example, on July 2, 2002 in statement on a measure concerning " of Day of police " our Supreme Commander -in-chief has called our employees adequately to execute a service duty, always to serve correctly to people and state, to build activity at a level of the high requirements. Our leader also concerned to Police Academy with the special care. Wishing, that the cadets of this educational institution took possession of knowledge and practice on the basis of skills, modern requirements, Mister Heydar Aliyev gave attention to improvement of material base of Academy.

The work on increase of professional training at us goes in several directions. On the one hand, we raise qualitative parameters of activity of educational institutions in law-enforcement bodies; on the other hand we create an opportunity for attraction to MIA of the graduates of other educational establishments. For example, each year in system MIA 25-30 students who have finished BSU on excellent, having good physical preparation are accepted. Besides, for increase of professional training of the employees with participation of the experts will be carried out special lessons, trainings and seminars on regions with attraction of experts of the foreign states.

I, as the Minister of Internal Affairs, am pleased with professional training of personal structure, as their attitude to a service duty and I consider, that the basic condition of successful struggle against criminality is the high level of professionalism. However, alongside with it, there are enough of affairs concerning this sphere, and we indefatigably should improve our activity for achievement desirable by Heydar Aliyev level.

As to structural reforms, I shall note, that it not formal reforms. They serve to realization of more flexible and professional activity MIA, more effective struggle with criminality, increase of general results of our work. The creation of new managements in system MIA of managements of Internal Investigations, work with personal structure, international cooperation, creation of a Press Service, and also establishment some months of Management of Internal Safety followed from the requirements of time. The personnel rearrangements carry rotational character that is someone on a condition of age retires, in other cases there is an official moving of the administrative board after the certain period of a service. In a personnel choice one of the basic criteria is the attraction young to a service in our numbers, promotion of the staff distinguished perspective, administrative talent, and in this sphere there are threats. As a whole, the personnel selection in MIA carries stable character. 

- As is known, at first there were many complaints, disagreement to address MIA. You, as the Minister of Internal Affairs, accompany with the President during his visits to regions and the population during these trips entrusts many complaints to the chief of state. What volume of criticism is to address MIA in a number these disagreement?

- The consideration of the applications and complaints of the citizens is one of the central tasks MIA. In the decree signed President Ilham Aliyev " About mechanism of acceleration of socio-economic development of the Azerbaijan Republic " is especially emphasized, that the management of the central and local executive bodies is entrusted with the maintenance of duly consideration of the applications and complaints of the citizens according to the certain diagram and fair sanction of the requirements, acceptance of necessary measures for strengthening the discipline in appropriate executive bodies.

We try, that the letters, which have arrived from the citizens, were objectively and are operatively investigated, and have found the fair decision. Not casually, that the management of the Ministry is regular visits to regions and organizes reception of the citizens on places. The basic purpose is maintenance of faultlessness of our activity and instant liquidation of discontent on a place, on the other hand we bear at sessions for regular discussion the works, done in this sphere, reception of the citizens and consideration of their applications, we accept the concrete decisions for improvement of this process, but sometimes applications carry groundless, deliberate, biased character, and some in general are be not concerning to powers MIA.  

As you have noted, the local population gives the head of state Ilham Aliyev set of the letters with the various contents. All these applications and letters are studied by the President; the appropriate state structures undertake concrete steps for the decision of problems during short time. From this point of view, reference concerning powers MIA, are operatively considered. Simultaneously we are sent for consideration by Presidential Administration of the chief of state, who has arrived in mail, applications and acceptance of the appropriate measures. We closely investigate all applications, complaint and offer, the necessary measures are accepted. I, as the Minister, constantly hold this sphere under the control. In general, it is necessary to note, that the complaints to police activity, work MIA have decreased.

- Some time back former employees former MTSA have addressed with the request of organization of social protection and restoration them to bodies. Whether have found of their reference of the decision?

- At first I shall remind, that the most part of the employees MTSA has continued in last 10 years activity in MIA, showing a correct service to a native Land, state and President. As it is known, their part was arrested in connection with their participation in state crimes in March, 1995. During process of investigation and court was is proved, that these persons participated not only in 1995, but also earlier in various crimes, were engaged in gangsterism, robbery, robbery, other kinds of the organized criminality. Instead of protecting state interest, to strengthen independence, to ensure safety of the citizens, they have put impact of independence, and have appeared at court, have received fair punishment. But it for the account humanism, care of the national leader Heydar Aliyev  and President Ilham Aliyev the absolute majority former employees was forgiven.   

Some of them addressed in various instances and MASS-MEDIA in connection with not by granting by him of work-record cards, certificates of the veteran of war, not by reception of pensions and about the friend. Under my order of August 22 of this year is created special commission, engaged by preparation of the detailed and all-round information about the done works on maintenance of the rights, determined in the legislation, liquidation of possible lacks in the order stipulated by the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Shortly I shall note, that in connection with execution of this order during the past period to 135 employees dismissed from a service MTSA - the work-record cards are given, 279 have received a rank " of the Veteran of war ", 5 under the decision of a Special Medical Commission are directed in competent state structures for reception of an invalid degree 1 the pension is nominated. The measures in this direction proceed. But is and problems, perverting the decision. Some "law defenders" by the political orders with the special eagerness declare that the rights of the former employees MTSA are not provided completely. But they overlook, that as the state and the President forgives a crime of the citizen, closely concern to his social protection, all only in scale admitted by the law. There is no need to someone to give advice to operative power or to specify a way. I shall remind one more moment that according to the charter person judged before can not work in MIA. Whereas we can restore in bodies of the persons, accused of a state crime?

Why naming itself  "law defenders" of the person so carelessly concern to the law, rules of law? Let's not overlook, that the state has not justified them, simply having shown humanism, President has forgiven them. It will be really difficult to explain that or the one who does not know a difference between forgive and justification.

By the way, in judicial process above October 15-16, accused of events, opposition functioners, the application of pressure and threats from the party MIA in their attitude affirmed. Even is informed, that you personally are one of the organizers and the invitation you was required as the witness. As far as are proved this requirement?

It is unequivocally declared, that the majority of the organizers of these disorders, their participants and ideological provocateurs have risen today before court. Already for some months objective, fair, the open judicial process goes and it’s in detail covered in MASS-MEDIA. The certain opinion of investigation already completely is proved as a result of the indications of the witnesses and explanations. A duty of MIA is to protect stability in the country, to ensure public order, to prevent a crime and other offences, attempt of the disorders. How can we be interested in such case of the disorders, provocations?

The same radical opposition with the help not based applications and already accepted pathological character lie, slander the crime tries to reset on state bodies.

Already from a beginning 90 years they have got used at first to make crimes, and then to dump the responsibility on the opponents.

One year from events of October 15-16 passes. The events of the past period have confirmed that the radical opposition adheres to antinational, antinational activity and they constantly and purposefully create obstacles of the sanction of our basic problem – Upper Garabakh conflict and also in socio economic development. By the most obvious reflection of it is event of October 15-16. Opposition functioners, whose participation in crimes is already proved, should answer not only before court of validity, families, people, which they have involved be deceive by in this disorder, but also before a history.

There is a sole way of arrival to an authority - way of democracy, freedom and fair choices laid by the great leader Heydar Aliyev! The absolute majority of the Azerbaijan people have shown trust to a political platform Heydar Aliyev, most worthy representative of this political rate. And the basic task underlying events by October 15-16 was the plan of approach against will of the people, option.     

The people, basing on the state, chief, law-enforcement, including law-enforcement bodies in a name joint belief, national interest and purpose successfully has left these tests and to it has shown a fidelity to a political rate Heydar Aliyev and does not see alternative to him.

I shall note one more moment, that till October 15 appropriate state bodies having addressed in the official order to thus opposition functioners have offered to carry out meeting in the appropriate place for not allowing  of the disorders and provocations, that is we have done the utmost for not assumptions of these events. But opposition, as it is visible, needed not meeting, and disorder was necessary.

- As a whole, whether rendered, illegal activity during events of October 15-16 the employees MIA?   

Let's remind that some foreign not governmental organizations informed about excess of powers by the employees MIA and required their punishment.

- I, as the Minister of Internal Affairs with the complete responsibility declare that in these events our employees worked according to the laws, adequately executed a service duty, have shown a high sample professionalism and patriotism. The events of those days, action of participants  of the disorders, activity MIA were not in the closed zone, and on eyes of all people and the telerecords it are familiar to everything, that is  who can deform the facts, known for all people.

Who was the persons who have involved by force group of the people in the disorder, inflicted mass damage to private and state properties, which have thrown under legs boy of 5, severely beaten the journalist, grasping machine of Internal Troops and inducing it on the police employees and military men assembling .

- Mister Minister, would be desirable to set a question some personal character. You are one of the ministers worth at the centre of criticism, opposition functioners. What are your impressions?

- Actually, we want, that lacks, the mistakes should be admitted and criticized in our activity. As the healthy criticism can give a push to our work. However it is a pity, that we collide with intentional and falsificated  constant lie, slander by appropriate companies. There is a reason: MIA up to the uniform employee are faithful to the state, people, continue a rate Heydar Aliyev and together with other appropriate structures on a place neutralize any force working against national interests.

I, as the minister and as the citizen, am faithful to these principles. If our activity does not satisfy someone, someone excited with his this problem. Once again I assure our people, that how long president will render to me trust on this post, I shall not change principles of the activity. I shall be always correct to postulates, rate of Heydar Aliyev , I shall continue, as the citizen, attachment to the state and people. 

Our employees participated according to the laws, adequately executed a service duty, have shown a high sample professionalism and patriotism. The events of those days, actions of the participants of the disorders, activity MIA were not in the closed zone, and on eyes of all people and body of record it are familiar to all. That is who can deform the facts, known for all people.

Who was the persons involved in the disorder of group of the people, inflicted mass damage private and state ownerships which have thrown under legs the 5-year's boy, severely beaten the journalist, grasping machine of Internal Troops and inducing it on the police employees and military men assembling in the office a tree, iron pieces, stones, even during approach breaking an asphalt covering? You see their person - cruelty and violence of radical opposition are known for all Azerbaijan citizens. As a whole, participating in measures MIA on restoration of the public order more corporal damages of a various degree are put to than 160 employees and military man, 28 civil persons.      

On the part of the persons, participating in the disorders, 13 automobiles MIA and 25 belonging various enterprises and organizations out of operation are deduced. Alongside with it, the damage to tens to objects which are taking place at the state and private order was put. The damage put as a result of a crime, has made 4 milliard manats.

As to what application - or not governmental organizations, the objective attitude to having place events can define only people, i.e. most fair and impartial arbitrator only people. And the attitude of the citizens to those events already is known. I with pride recollect a high estimation on the part of the people in the attitude to heroism, a fidelity, shown by MIA , native land, state and chief. The judicial process should be finished, and it is no doubt, that everyone will receive on merits.

Again  I declare, that for me, also for the employees MIA the most priority decision are the legal principles of the state, verdict of court of validity, and at last, task and instruction of our dear President, Supreme Commander -in-chief. I do not see necessity to express the attitude to opinion NGO, closing eyes on aggression of Armenia which is not recognizing of the rights more 1 mln refugees and compelled migrates, transformed in the hostages of the double standards and estimating events not by means of the facts, and on the basis of the customers of the anti-Azerbaijan network.

The employees MIA carry out very honorable and responsible mission. The ambassador, who tries to interfere with us, to reject us from our way, distributes slander, gossip, once again I inform: the representatives of ruling elite serving to the Azerbaijan people on a political platform of Heydar Aliyev, in a team of the President Ilham Aliyev, including our personal structure adhered to the country and our indivisible, uniform force and acquired each success even more strengthens our solidity.

- Passes year from election of Mister Ilham Aliyev by the chief of state. What at you how at the citizen was generated opinion about activity of the President for this period? How you consider, what successes Azerbaijan has got and whether has justified itself a choice made year ago?

- Beginning from the end of 80-s of tragedy, trouble, with which our people has confronted, the crises of our country have put in pawn in our citizens a basis of a correct, worthy, true choice. Having voted in 1993 for Heydar Aliyev, the Azerbaijan citizens have defined absence of alternative and eternal fidelity to a political rate of the eternal leader.

From this point of view, it is necessary to estimate in this context rendering of trust to Ilham Aliyev on 15.10.2003 from the party of absolute majority of the voters.       

But the rendering of the greater trust to mister Ilham Aliyev is not connected only that heis  the successor of a political rate Heydar Aliyev. He  actively participated in all without exception spheres of state construction, beginning from economy up to policy, from diplomacy before public activity, including as the vice-president of the State Petroleum Company, the deputy of Milli Mejlis, head of a delegation of the Azerbaijan parliament in PA CE, vice-president and member of a bureau PA CE, first vice-president of YAP, president of NOC, and at last, as the prime minister brought the large contribution to achievement of our country, he  was the most active and talented executor of the newest strategy of development of Azerbaijan, which author is Heydar Aliyev. Undoubtedly, these and other merits, listed by me, could remain outside of sight of the appreciating Azerbaijan people and beginning from the end 90 years our citizens have accepted of mister Ilham Aliyev as worthy successor of a political line of Heydar Aliyev. It was accepted also by personal structure MIA, indissoluble part of the people. In April, 2001 in performance before the participants all-republic of assembly of the young employees MIA I have noted, that the opposition "nominates" Ilham Aliyev to different posts, and in a case not the justifications of the forecasts marked, that he does not deserve this post. In a reality, this is a display of jealousy, fear to confront with the very strong contender. Certainly, I do not want to compare such talented, skilful, having high intelligence fond Native land, in high degree devoted Azerbaijan statehood the person, as Ilham Aliyev to them.       

Who can be compared to his organizing, administrative and business abilities?

Why such full, the comprehensively advanced citizen, how Ilham Aliyev can not borrow a high state post?

The history considers one year as small term, it happens difficultly estimating processes occurring within the framework of this time. But the review of the brief period of presidency of Mister Ilham Aliyev creates an opportunity to speak by hours by the facts and arguments about the achieved successes and future achievement, whose basis is already incorporated. Within last year there is no sphere, where the parameters of success or direction would not be improved, in which dynamics of development would remain without change. Economy, social sphere, agrarian sector, oil- and non-oil of an industry, science and education, public health services under a direct management of the chief of state continue progressive process. There is no social unit, which has remained outside of care and attention Ilham Aliyev. All Azerbaijan citizens - beginning from the scientific figure up to the figure of art, from the employee of law-enforcement bodies up to the workers of public health services, from the refugees and compelled migrates up to the sportsmen and students, even from criminals up to radial opposition - have seen trusteeship, care, mercy of the chief. Created by Heydar Aliyev political stability, the civil solidarity was supported with the decrees about forgive, steps directed on national reconciliation from the party Ilham Aliyev and these processes became irrevocable. The integration of Azerbaijan in civil world, European values has proceeded with success, the realities of Azerbaijan begin to be accepted more clearly by World Community, powerful states.        

Still by resolute hope on fair, sanction, appropriate to the Azerbaijan interest, Upper Garbakh of a problem. Alongside with it the Supreme Commander -in-chief has developed process of amplification of the Azerbaijan Army, during visit to each region met in the obligatory order the soldiers and officers, was interested in their problems, instructed on places, confirmed the activity a support of the people and President on Army.

The president Ilham Aliyev proved the adherence to a political rate of Heydar Aliyev in all spheres, is especial concerning the people. The opened eyes of a victim of tragedy in Lenkoran to the first business have seen the chief and high humanity; the moral care has proceeded in the material form. As a result of diligence of Mister Ilham Aliyev, chartiy, steadily of following to the will of the eternal leader, hundreds refugees and compelled migrates were moved in apartments and 3860 families have received a message about new houses from the chief.

Left on walk on the city which has visited in various parts capitals the President alongside with listening to gratitude to one hundred of the people, suitable to him, simultaneously has given the concrete tasks in connection with the sanction of their current problems.

As the person accompanying the President in his visits to regions, at me the impressions which have caused the large pride have appeared. The president Ilham Aliyev everywhere sincerely meets the citizens, patiently listens to their problems, gives the orders on places, calls for liquidation of the bureaucratic tendencies concerning a local management with the population, and most important - has given the order to the members of government to raise state care to regions.

Mister Ilham Aliyev even on November 17 of the last year on the first session which has been carried out with the members of government, so explained general principles: " I am the member of a team of Heydar Aliyev and also shall work together with it. The future activity of each of you will depend on results. I demand from everyone with the responsibility to treat with the work and with conscience to execute the service duty. We work for the Azerbaijan people. They have rendered us this trust and we should justify it. «This thesis» a principle to work on the Azerbaijan people and to justify national trust «within the last year made a priority in activity of the president Ilham Aliyev. The chief of state has proved that the people weren’t mistaken in the choice and he is the worthy president, president of each citizen. The people also have shown to the President Ilham Aliyev a support, support and simultaneously fidelity to sacred ideals Heydar Aliyev.    

In last 10 years Heydar Aliyev were ensured with transition from chaos to disposal in unity with the people. Now by complete reliance it is possible to speak, that Ilham Aliyev will conduct independent Azerbaijan, pledge of Heydar Aliyev,  to the large successes and victories together with trust and beleif of the people.     

Last year was also test period of the President Ilham Aliyev and his team before spirit of our eternal head Heydar Aliyev. We successfully have overcome this test, rendering a worthy service to the state which has stayed in gift from our national leader, and Azerbaijan people, to which he is eternally adhered. In my opinion, it also is the largest achievement of year.

It is absolutely right, that along with the people immortal spirit of Heydar Aliyev feels pride for Ilham Aliyev whom he has presented to his Azerbaijan as a worthy politician, resolute chief, outstanding state figure.