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Crime Analysis for 2017

The 2017 results review

Review of the results of activities of the internal affairs bodies of the republic in crime prevention and maintenance of public order and security in 2017

In 2017, the internal affairs bodies successfully discharged their duties in crime prevention, public order and public security maintenance together with other law-enforcement agencies, secured legal interests of citizens and kept the criminal situation under control maintaining the status of the most secure and stable country in CIS and Eastern Europe with the crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants (264).
26,613 (-1.9% in comparison with 2016) acts of crime were registered in the republic during the reporting period by all government authorities which carry out investigative and search activities. 93.1 % of them or 24,300 were the offences investigated within the powers of the internal affairs bodies and prosecution agencies, and 85.8% were solved. 86.3% of these crimes were the crimes not posing great threat to public safety (7516) and minor offences (13,463) and only 13.7% (3321) were grave and especially grave crimes.

Among them there were 19.3% (4686) crimes committed against personality, 52.8% (12,824) crimes committed in the economic sphere, 25.2% (6116) crimes committed against public safety and public law, and 2.8% (672) crimes committed against state authority.
Within the crime structure, the number of willful homicides 9.5% (-17), misappropriation and embezzlement 6.8% (-10), roguishness 11.8 (-514), robberies 16.6% (-54), plunders 23.6% (-39), blackmailing offences 10.5% (-9), hooliganism crimes 15.1% (-147), crimes related to drug trafficking 15.9% (-516), crimes related to corruption 17.4% (-41) decreased; the number of thefts 9.8% (+706), including home burglaries 7.6% (+190), smuggling 19% (+8) and ecological crimes 28.3% (+36) increased.
82.8% of grave and especially grave crimes including 94.9% of willful homicides, 94.8% of blackmailing crimes, 89.5% of robberies were solved, as well as 418 crimes which remained unsolved since previous years including 97 grave and especially grave crimes were solved.

83% (2840) of closed crimes were minor crimes and crimes not posing great threat to public safety and only 17% (580) were grave and especially grave crime, among which 77.3% (2642) were crimes against property, 8% (272) were crimes related to illegal trafficking of narcotic substances, and 4.6% (156) were crimes against personality.
Based on the National Action Plan against Trafficking in Persons, 295 (-19) criminal facts were detected in the result of operational actions, and 8 (-1) criminal groups consisting of 17 (-5) members were charged with criminal offences. 71 (+1)  victims of these crimes were reintegrated into the society.
126 (-39) crimes against morality including 49 (+8) cases of involvement in prostitution and 58 (-41) crimes related to keeping a disorderly house were detected and 157 persons were prosecuted for crimes against morality.
The number of crimes committed in public spaces decreased by 14.5%; 36.1% (90) of 249 willful homicides solved in the republic were committed due to domestic disputes.
In the result of complex crime prevention measures and operations in the reporting year, 1028 criminal groups and gangs consisting of 2698 members which committed 3179 crimes including 729 grave and especially grave crimes were neutralized.

2727 (-15.9%) crimes related to drugs including 799 (-1.4%) facts of drug trafficking were detected and 944.5 (+10.9) kg of drugs were taken from illegal circulation, over 175 (-26.5 t) tons of illegally cultivated cannabis and opium poppy plants were detected and destroyed.
78 (+8) criminal groups engaged in illegal drug trafficking were detained, 122.4 (-16.3%) kg of narcotic substances were prevented from smuggling to the territory of the country. 2078 (87.9%) of 2364 persons brought to trial for this kind of crimes were unemployed and uneducated, 931 (39.4%) were previously convicted, 25 (1,1%) were women.
Positive results were achieved in detection and arrest of wanted persons involved in crimes against morality (93.6%), crimes against personality (73%), crimes against property (77%).

With improvement of criminal tracking results by 13.2%, 3415 persons wanted by police were detained. Location of 79 persons on the wanted list of the Interpol's National Central Bureau and 39 persons wanted in the member-states of this organization was identified.
The total index of detention of accused persons on the wanted list was 71.4%, and the index of detection of missing persons was 77.7%.
12,886 of 15,522 persons who committed illegal acts were brought to trial, 10,330 (80.2%) of them were unemployed and uneducated, 2465 (19.1%) were previously convicted, 649 (5%) were women and 429 (3.3%) were minors.

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